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Amigos de
Fulbright Foundation, FAF

Amigos de Fulbright Foundation, FAF

What is

We are a private, independent, non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 with the purpose of supporting the expansion of the Fulbright Program’s reach through projects and activities that go beyond the traditional ones to achieve a greater impact in the different regions of the country, as well as to establish new cooperative relationships that respond to the needs of the current Colombian context in secondary education, higher education, job training and lifelong learning.
Thanks to these alliances and new strategies promoted by FAF, the Fulbright Program in Colombia contributes to the transformation of teaching practices, university internationalization and the development of 21st century competencies and skills.

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Special Tax Regime Permanence

Special Tax Regime Permanence

The FAF generates strategies to broaden inclusion, diversity and equity in awards for Colombians, and thus contributes to the high-level training of professionals belonging to target populations, so that they can access more quality opportunities, and they and their communities have access to a better quality of life.

With this objective, the FAF offers tax benefits to entities and donors who wish to contribute to the construction of economic support programs for award recipients from Indigenous, Afro-descendant, Palenquero and Raizal Communities, and Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict in Colombia.

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