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The Friends of Fulbright Foundation develops strategies to expand the inclusion, diversity, and equity of the Fulbright program in Colombia. We offer high-level training to professionals from different communities and regions of the country so that they can access more and better opportunities, and improve their and their communities’ quality of life. With this objective, the Friends of Fulbright Foundation offers tax benefits to donor organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to our programs and support the education of prospect scholarship candidates from low-income students, Indigenous Communities, Afro-descendants, Palenqueras and Raizales, and Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict in Colombia. Donate here to support future grantees from all over Colombia

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Price $100.000

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Price $300.000

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Price $500.000

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Price $1’000.000

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Price $2’000.000
If you wish to donate an amount other than those found here you can contact us at