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U.S. Scholar Program

Why choose Colombia as a country of destination for your Fulbright Award?

Why choose Colombia as a country of destination for your Fulbright Award?

Colombia stands as an exceptional academic destination for U.S. professors and researchers seeking a transformative and enriching collaborative research or teaching experience. With a diverse and vibrant culture, scholars can immerse themselves in a nation known for its warm hospitality and resilience.

In recent years, Colombia has stood out for its prominent leadership in the fields of sustainability and innovation as a solid pathway towards equitable development, social justice, and consolidating a culture of peace. This decisive leadership reflects the country’s strong commitment to strengthening education, research, and entrepreneurship. It offers an inspiring setting for scholars to contribute meaningfully to their disciplines and develop lasting connections and a deeper understanding of this dynamic nation.

Welcome to Colombia! 🇨🇴

Learn about the experience of former Fulbright U.S. Scholars in Colombia

Matthew Vonk 
Fulbright U.S. Scholar 2017

Elizabeth Kritzer

Prof. Elizabeth Kritzer, MFA

U.S. Scholar All-Disciplines Award 2023
Host institution: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia).
Home institution: University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida)

“I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to have had this opportunity–to learn about Colombia and Bogotá, experience the vibrant and inspiring culture (in terms of literature and filmmaking) that the country and city offer to its residents and visitors, improve my conversational proficiency in Spanish, experience the beauty of the landscapes, architecture, and music, and to have been able to focus as much as I have on my filmmaking and research”.

Aileen Hale, Ph.D.

U.S. Scholar All-Disciplines Award 2023
Host institution: Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar (UTB), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)
Home institution: Florida State College (Jacksonville, Florida)

“All interactions with UTB have been excellent. The English Language Faculty has been very supportive of my participation in their classes and faculty meetings […] I have adapted easily to Cartagena. I feel very safe and have make local friends. I can get around easily -to and from- the Historic Center, as wel as the university. All is well!”.

Rachel Goodman, Ph.D.

U.S. Scholar All-Disciplines Award 2023
Host institution: Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)
Home institution: Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia

“The Fulbright Scholar Award is a great honor for me and an amazing opportunity to live and work in one of the most biologically and ethnically diverse countries in the world. My family lived in Colombia for two years when I was young, and I have always wanted to return in a professional capacity. I feel so fortunate to have access to this beautiful and diverse country, and I hope that I can give as much to the research community as I know that I will take away from this amazing experience”.

Andrea Fanta, Ph.D.

U.S. Scholar All-Disciplines Award 2023
Host institution: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
Home institution: Florida International University (Miami, Florida)

“My research project allowed me to delve into the history of the Latin American diaspora, focusing on the experiences of migrants and their communities. Through archival work, I was able to uncover valuable insights into the challenges, achievements, and contributions of diasporic communities.

From the moment I arrived, I was met with a welcoming atmosphere and a strong sense of community from the faculty, staff, and students. This inclusivity facilitated my integration into the university and Colombian culture, easing my transition into a new environment.

Thanks to the stipend provided by the Fulbright scholarship, I was able to cover our family’s living expenses, educational costs for my two daughters, and other essential needs without encountering significant financial challenges.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the Fulbright Commission for the unparalleled opportunity to conduct research and contribute to academic discourse through teaching in Bogotá, Colombia. My Fulbright experience has been profoundly rewarding, marked by exceptional support and access to invaluable resources throughout my stay. The transformative and enriching nature of my Fulbright journey in Colombia is a testament to the program’s unwavering commitment to fostering impactful cultural and academic exchange”.

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Additional resources, initiatives, and tools made available by the Fulbright Commission in Colombia for our U.S. Scholars


This document is designed to provide you with some practical guidelines for your Fulbright experience, give you a general overview of the country, and share specific recommendations on handling unexpected situations during your grant period.


This document contains relevant information and shares key resources, links, and recommendations for a successful and safe experience in Colombia.


Outlines immigration procedures, including V Visa details, dependent requirements, application instructions, Foreigner ID Card issuance, and additional recommendations about the migration procedures required for Fulbright U.S. grantees.

Assistance During Migration Procedures

The team at the Fulbright Colombia Commission provides ongoing support during immigration procedures, including liaising with relevant institutions to follow up on specific cases, solving questions that may arise during the Visa or Foreigner ID Card application process, and monitoring.

Fulbright Mentorship Program

This program aims to support our new scholarship recipients in the process of adapting to life in Colombia, to mitigate cultural shock upon arrival in a new country. Through this initiative, the Commission assigns Colombian Fulbright alumni to voluntarily support and guide the inbound Cohort of U.S. grantees.

U.S. Grantees Network

More than 3,200 Colombian citizens have been awarded Fulbright grants to pursue graduate studies or conduct research or teaching activities in the U.S. Belonging to the Fulbright alumni network is one of the main benefits of the Fulbright award. Upon request, the Fulbright Commission team can facilitate connections, interactions, and collaborations among U.S. grantees and former Colombian grantees located in their city or placement region, or working in specific fields of interest.

Fulbright Alumni Events and Engagement

We promote a dynamic Fulbright community through various activities, including casual Happy Hours for alumni in various cities, academic lectures, sports events, and Fulbrighter Week. Our approach combines social, academic, and networking elements to provide grantees with a well-rounded and enriching experience, fostering both professional skills and lasting connections.

Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions

In these virtual sessions addressed to upcoming Fulbright scholars, Program Officers and Support Professionals share relevant information regarding the program conditions, requirements, and guidelines for a smooth and successful stay in the country. Grantees can also answer any specific questions as they prepare for their Fulbright experience. 

U.S. Embassy Speakers Program

The program features lectures on topics relevant to U.S. grantees and their projects in Colombia, led by speakers from the team at the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. These sessions enhance their knowledge and provide insightful experiences for a greater impact and fruitful collaborations. Some examples of topics having been covered as part of the U.S. Embassy Speakers Program are:

  • Partnering for Social Projects in Colombia
  • The U.S. Foreign Service for U.S. Grantees

U.S. Embassy Security Briefing for U.S. Grantees

The U.S. Embassy in Colombia offers a one-hour Security Briefing, led by a representative from the Regional Security Office (RSO), which provides general recommendations and security guidelines for Colombia.


Since 2023, the Fulbright Commission in Colombia implemented a digital platform designed to facilitate the tracking of U.S. and Colombian Fulbright grantees, reception of reports, documents, and updates, as well as to maintain up-to-date contact information.


One of our current key institutional priorities is promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our academic and cultural exchange programs portfolio. Some examples of DEI initiatives promoted by the Commission for U.S. grantees include the Somos Unx DEI workshops. This guide provides some recommendations on how to achieve assertive communication that takes a differential and intersectional approach. Language is important because it recognizes the cultural identity, ethnicity, sexual diversity, gender, and disability of people in our country and helps us change our reality