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Friends of
Fulbright Foundation

We are the educational innovation strategy of Fulbright Colombia.

We are the educational innovation strategy of Fulbright Colombia.

We tailor programs for various partners in Colombia in collaboration with the best universities in the United States.

Who Are We?

The Friend of Fulbright Foundation (FAF) promotes collaboration between the United States and Colombia through customized educational programs. Our focus strengthens English proficiency and fosters internationalization in Colombia, making a significant impact in the various regions where we operate. The Friends of Fulbright Foundation was established in 2008 with the goal of expanding the reach of the Fulbright program in Colombia.


Team Members

Team Members

We Work Under the Following Strategies:

Transformación de prácticas de enseñanza

1. Transformation of Teaching Practices

In collaboration with Education Secretariats, public entities, and public and private schools, we develop programs that provide training and professional development opportunities for teachers, instructors, and administrators. We address the need for innovation in teaching methodology, classroom practices, or the enhancement of English language communication skills for specific purposes.

a. Institutional Bilingualism Management

We support directors, academic coordinators, and bilingualism staff in public and private schools in Colombia to transition to a Bilingual Educational Model. We offer training in teaching English as a second language and essential skills such as leadership and teamwork within the school.

b. Technical and Vocational Education and Training Vocabulary Program

We aim to enhance English language knowledge for instructors in technical and technological institutions in various regions of Colombia for specific purposes. This training can be conducted through various modalities (virtual, in-person, or hybrid).

c. English Strengthening for Teachers

We provide support to teachers in public and private schools to improve their English language communication skills, deepen their understanding of English as a foreign language teaching methodology, and strengthen their performance as educators.

d. Bilingual Schools

We assist public and private schools in their journey towards a Bilingual Educational Model, a network of bilingualism specialist scholars, and universities in the United States with extensive experience in English language education and the creation of installed capacity in schools for the development of bilingual education plans.

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Aprendizaje global colaborativo

2. Collaborative Global Learning

We support Colombian universities in achieving their internationalization goals through programs that promote training and updating, cooperation, and active collaboration with the United States.

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a. Semilleros

An international mobility program that provides benefits to undergraduate university students with the primary purpose of expanding their academic, professional, and personal opportunities while enhancing their academic profile. This program is divided into three stages: English language learning, mentoring by former, and a study visit to the United States.

b. International Scientific Cooperation and Mobility Route

A program that contributes to strengthening the internationalization policies and strategies for research, teaching, and the social projection of Colombian universities. This is achieved through a medium-term strategy of international cooperation and active collaboration with the United States, creating opportunities for the generation, transfer, adaptation, and improvement of scientific knowledge.

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Competencias del Siglo XXI

3. 21st Century Skills

We offer programs that provide tools to companies, professionals, young people, and other Colombians seeking opportunities to advance their personal, professional, and academic development by strengthening 21st-century skills with the support of the best academic networks in the United States.

a. Institutional Evaluation with TOEFL ITP

Through the administration of the TOEFL ITP, our goal is to enable our partners in Colombia to make an accurate diagnosis of English language proficiency within their communities. We aim to promote the creation of collaborative projects to examine and analyze the current state of English language use in the institutional context.

b. Continuing Education for Businesses

We offer customized programs for companies looking to enhance the skills of their professionals through study opportunities in the United States, with the aim of strengthening global citizenship and 21st-century skills.

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